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Textilien, Rauleder & Autositze Imprägnierung

the perfect coating for the normal user

NANOMAGIC Textil & Rauleder, Autositz Imprägnierung.

Hydrophobe Nanobeschichtung für Textilien ist die neue Lösung für eine dauerhafte Imprägnierung von Textilen wie Winterjacken, Rauleder und Wildleder. Die Nanobeschichtung (auf Wasserbasis ohne Lösungsmittel und daher besonders umweltfreundlich) dringt tief in die Struktur ein, so dass die beschichteten Fasern vor Regen, Schmutz, Kaffee, Säfte, Softdrinks oder auch Ketchup geschützt werden.
Das Produkt erzeugt eine allumfassende Schutzschicht, die bis zu 1 Jahr erhalten bleibt!

Haltbarkeit der Schutzschicht:
bis zu 1 Jahr


Our TEXTILE & LEATHER NANOCOATING creates a coating around the fibers building invisible layer thick of several nanometers. It protects the fiber from the contact with water, dirt, juice, coffee, red wine, grease, etc. Nanocoating causes that dried dirt does not stay on the surface and does not leave any stains, while wet dirt is not absorbed by the fibers. Even heavy pollution can be easily and thoroughly removed. The effect of "easy-to-clean" allows an effective cleaning of materials using only water and cloth. The coating for upholstery can be used safely on materials coming into contact with children and animals, while raising the hygienic qualities of the surface.

Durability of the coating:

up to 1 year


  • durability of the applied coating (approximately 2 years),
  • the effect of liquid water droplet and oil on coated material,
  • "easy-to-clean" effect,
  • preserve color and "touch" of the coated with the material, after application,
  • impregnation of the highest quality materials available on the world markets,
  • security and ease of application and use,
  • resistance to dry cleaning,
  • constancy of the degree of "breathing" material,
  • the possibility of re-marking, without prejudice to the material,
  • neutrality to human health,
  • high level of penetration of fibers, causing the nanoparticles to cover every single fiber.

seats, seat (velvet, leather), carpet and textile rugs.
Up to 2 years.
60-100 ml/m2.



Inhalt (ml/ Liter): 
Anzahl:   St

Das Mittel gleichmäßig auf der zu behandelnden Oberfläche versprühen und trocknen lassen.


The carrying of gloves is recommended. Coating dehumidifies the skin. The application should be checked at an inconspicuous spot or a sample.
Not to be applied at temperatures below +5°C.
The surface has to be cleaned carefully with NANO CLEANER. Before coating the surfaces must be clean, dry and non-greasy.
The coating will be carried out by rubbing or polishing with a cotton-towel, humidified with TEXTILE & UNVARNISHED LEATHER NANOCOATING. The product should be spread over the clean surface carefully and with rotating gestures.
The drying of the applied material requires 30 minutes at least. With high humidity an extension of the application time is to be expected up to several hours.
The treated surface should be polished afterwards only.
Proof of the “lotus“ effect can be seen through the drop-test. On the treated surface the water should form drops, not a regular coating.
The „Easy-to-Clean„ effect appears approx. 60 minutes after polishing.
If the temporary Easy-to-Clean effect fades, you can proceed in the same way as with the first treatment.
Influence of Environment:
Do only coat small surfaces at temperatures above 5°C.
Precautions: Avoid contact with skin. In case of contact with eyes, immediately wash eyes with water. If necessary, consult with your doctor. Flammable, avoid contact with fire. Do not use with products containing chlorine.